Legal Confidential Certified Translations provides translations of legal, financial and technical documents from English into Dutch and German, as well as combinations between these languages. We translate:

  • contracts
  • annual reports
  • general terms and conditions
  • writs of summons
  • judgments
  • legal instruments
  • tender documents
  • web sites
  • certificates, statements .....and much more

Translating legal, financial, and technical documents is a skill in itself and requires routine. A proper translation saves you quite some time. A poor translation however, for example carried out by a non-certified translator or (even worse) by means of translation software, may jeopardize your professional image as well as the confidentiality of your documents, and cause misunderstandings that may damage your case. 

Legal Confidential provides translations which - if needed - are recognized by the court of the Netherlands. Our translations are in accordance with current terminology in the area of expertise and country concerned. 

We go out of our way to find the right words for you. For professional terminology that is difficult to find, we have built up specific dictionaries over the years, including 'corporate terminology' of large clients. Our in-house professional translators and tools guarantee full consistency, punctuality and confidentiality of your translation.

Since 2004, Legal Confidential Certified Translations develops and provides the "Pitfalls in legal English" language course at the Bar Association of the Netherlands. This refresher course is custom-made for Dutch lawyers who use legal English on a regular basis.

Legal Confidential
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